Plastic Injection Moulding

Proto Labs provides quick-turn thermoplastic injection moulding often used for prototyping, bridge tooling and low volume manufacturing up to 10,000+ parts. We use advanced aluminium alloy moulds that allow us to eliminate the costly and time-consuming custom engineering that normally goes into the development of tooling. Proto Labs offer hundreds of engineering-grade resins that produce moulded parts that are strong and can have excellent finishes.

Quick-turn injection moulding uses the industry standard production process for parts, so it’s an excellent predictor of manufacturability when you move to large-scale production. At Proto Labs, we support an ever-increasing maximum part size and degree of complexity, and continue to introduce new materials that help designers and engineers make better products.
Get 25-10,000+
parts in 1-15 days.
Design Guidelines
Fundamentals of Moulding