Size Limitations of Injection Moulded Parts

The Rapid Injection Moulding process can produce parts within certain limits of size and volume.

The maximum part size depends upon part geometry and material, but here are approximate guidelines:

  • Maximum part outline is approximately 480mm by 770mm, but is subject to an overall limitation of 600 clamp tons depending on geometry - roughly equivalent to 1,129cm2 of projected mould area.
  • Maximum part volume is approximately 967cc.
  • Depth UP TO 101mm from the parting line with 3° (202mm) total if the parting line can pass thru the middle of the part, inside and outside. Deeper parts are limited to a smaller outline. This outline is 701 x 429mm at 25mm deep, 650 x 378mm at 50mm deep, 599 x 327mm at 76mm deep and 549 x 277mm at 101mm.
  • To achieve minimum thickness of features, we require approximately 1 degree of draft per 25mm of depth from parting line, subject to an overriding ½ degree minimum for most faces. If the features are thicker at their thinnest point, we require less draft.
  • Side action cams consume extra space which comes out of these limitations.
  • Size limitations are due to mould base size and milling considerations. Please send us a 3D CAD model for a free mouldability analysis and quote.