October 2004 Design Tip

Seeing is believing

This month's Design Tip is to take advantage of our offer to send you your very own Protomold Rapid Injection Moulding Sample Part that illustrates a number of the tips we have published over the past year.

We've purposely designed and manufactured these parts to illustrate example issues you may run into like thin sections that won't fill, thick ribs, bosses or other features that cause backside sinking, and the appearance of knit lines downstream from through-holes.

It also includes some example design suggestions such as how to tie bosses to walls, creating undercuts that can be made without side actions, providing sufficient draft for sliding shutoff surfaces and how to strengthen bosses without causing sink. And last but not least, the sample part illustrates the six standard surface finishes that are available with our Rapid Injection Moulding service.

Just send an email to marketing@protomold.co.uk with your name and mailing address and we will get one out to you along with an informative "key" describing the importance of all the features on the part.

As always, you can visit the Protomold Design Guide for helpful Rapid Injection Moulding design information.