Injection Moulding Materials

Proper material selection is critical in prototyping and low-volume part production. You should consider the mechanical properties, mouldability characteristics and cost of the material.

If you choose to supply your own resin for injection moulding, please complete this form, which requires you to upload the resin’s MSDS and process data sheet documents. A representative from Proto Labs will contact you with shipping information and a material ID number once your information has been processed.

For additional information on the material strength, resistance, dimensional stability and other characteristics of Proto Labs’ frequently used thermoplastics, download our Resin Guide PDF.
Stocked Resins
Customer-Supplied Resins
Generally, any conventionally injection mouldable material can be specified. If the material is relatively exotic, and we don't have it in stock, there may be an extra charge for us to procure a minimum quantity. Delivery could also be affected if the material is not readily available from the resin distributors. We are happy to work with specific resins you already use and would like to supply to us.
Material Material type Cost
ABS, Black (Polylac PA-717C Black) Resin Low
ABS, Black (Polylac PA-765 Black) Resin Low
ABS, Clear (Polylac PA-758) Resin Medium
ABS, Natural (Polylac PA-727) Resin Low
ABS, Natural (Polylac PA-765) Resin Medium
ABS, White (Polylac PA-717C White) Resin Low
ABS/PC, Black (Bayblend T65 XF BLK) Resin Low
ABS/PC, Black (Bayblend FR3010 BLK) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Natural (Bayblend T65 XF Nat) Resin Low
Acetal Copolymer, Natural (Iupital F20-03) Resin Low
Acetal Copolymer, Natural (Hostaform C9021 LS) Resin Low
Acetal Homopolymer, Black (Delrin 500CL BK601) Resin High
Acetal Homopolymer, Black (Delrin 500P BK602) Resin Low
Acetal Homopolymer, Natural (Delrin 500P NC010) Resin Low
Acetal Homopolymer, Natural (Delrin 500CL NC010) Resin High
Acetal Homopolymer, Black 20% glass fibre-UV (Delrin 577 BK-000) Resin High
Acetal Homopolymer, Black UV stabilised (Delrin 527 UV701) Resin High
Acrylic (PMMA), Clear (Plexiglas 6N) Resin Low
Acrylic (PMMA), Clear (Plexiglas 8N) Resin Low
Acrylic (PMMA), Frosted (Altuglas DRT Frosted Clear 18) Resin High
HDPE, Natural (Exxon Mobil HMA 016) Resin Low
LDPE, Natural (Exxon Mobil LD 600BA) Resin Low
Nylon 6, Natural (Radilon S HS 105M) Resin Low
Nylon 6, Black 30% Glass Fibre (Radilon S RV300) Resin Medium
Nylon 6, Natural 30% Glass Fibre (Radilon B GV30) Resin Low
Nylon 66, Natural 20% Glass (Zytel 70G20HSL NC010) Resin Low
Nylon 66, Black 25% Glass (Technyl A 20 V25) Resin Medium
Nylon 66, Black 30% Glass Fibre (Zytel 70G30HSLR BK) Resin Low
PBT, Black (Celanex 2002-2) Resin High
PBT, Natural (Celanex 2401/MT) Resin High
PBT, Black 15% glass fibre (CCP PBT 4115 104F) Resin Low
PC, Black (Makrolon 6555 901510) Resin Medium
PC, Clear (Makrolon 2458) Resin Low
PC, Clear (Iupilon S3001R) Resin Low
PC, White (Makrolon 6555 010346) Resin Medium
PC, Black 20% Glass Fibre (Lexan 3412R) Resin Medium
PC, Black 40% Glass Fibre (Lexan 3414R BLK) Resin Medium
PEI, Black (Ultem 1000 BK7101) Resin Very High
PEI, Natural (Ultem 1000) Resin Very High
PP, Natural (PP PP7064L1) Resin Low
PP, Natural 20 % Glass (Ramofin PPH300G4) Resin Low
PP Copolymer, Natural (Ducor 2340 P) Resin Low
PP Random Copolymer, Natural (Moplen RP348R) Resin Low
PPS, Black 40% glass fibre (Fortron 1140L4 Black) Resin Very High
PS (GPPS), Clear (Polystyrene Crystal 1810) Resin Low
TPC-ET, Natural (Hytrel 4068FG) Resin Very High
TPE, Black (Thermolast K TC4 GPZ) Resin Medium
TPE, Black (Thermolast K TC6 MLZ) Resin High
TPE, Black (Thermolast K TC 3 GPZ) Resin High
TPE, Translucent (Thermolast K TF3 ATL) Resin High
TPE, Translucent (Thermolast K TF9 AAA) Resin High
TPE, Translucent (Thermolast K TF1 STL) Resin High
TPE, Translucent (Thermolast K TF2 ATL) Resin High
TPU, Natural (Pearlthane 11T95P) Resin High
TPU, Natural (Pearlthane 11T85) Resin High
TPV, Black (Sarlink 3170 Black) Resin Very High
TPV, Black (Sarlink 3139D) Resin Very High
TPV, Black (Santoprene 103 - 40 Shore D) Resin High
TPV, Natural (Santoprene 201-80) Resin High
TPV, Natural (Santoprene 201-73) Resin High
TPV, Natural (Sarlink 3160) Resin High
Silicone, Optical Clear (Dow Corning Optical Silicone MS-1002) LSR Very High
Silicone, Transparent (Elastosil LR 3003/50 A&B) LSR High
Silicone, Transparent (Elastosil LR 3003/60 A&B) LSR High
Silicone, Transparent (Elastosil LR 3003/30 A&B) LSR High
Silicone, Transparent (Elastosil LR 3003/70 A&B) LSR High
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