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See how innovative companies are using rapid manufacturing to solve complex development challenges and launch successful products to market fast.



Protolabs supported Mahle, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, with the development of a new generation of high-voltage heaters.


2Stroke Suffering

Protolabs supports effort to break speed record



When Rick Bowes (Designer at TRW Automotive) needed to combine existing clock spring technology with new design features, he turned to Protolabs to manufacture the prototypes.



Choo Choo: Protolabs helps Alstom’s Loco Competition Entry Keep on Track!


David Spanton

When a bespoke motorbike part wasn’t accessible in days, David Spanton took matters into his own hands and developed the part he needed.


University of Sheffield Formula Racing

The Formula Student challenge. Design and build a single-seat racing car and put it to the test at Silverstone the UK’s most famous motor racing circuit



Scion-Sprays Ltd, based at the Hethel Engineering Centre for advanced manufacturing, chose the award-winning, rapid manufacturing services of Protolabs.


KTM Motorcycle AG

KTM Sportmotorcycle AG builds just 110,000 motorcycles a year, this is supported by Protolabs


1st Call Lockouts

1st Call’s solution is called TouchClone™: “keys cloned at a touch”. Essentially, the product is a merger of technologies incorporating a traditional transponder, an electronic reader, and a cloning device.



Protolabs helps win the race to develop key component for motorsport

Medical & Health Care

PolarCool PolarCap (R) System P2

Protolabs helps vital head injury relief product enter the premier league



The Smiledge device sterilises dummies used by babies, and other oral devices.



An Idea Transformed into a Device Protecting Those in Offices, Schools and Factories



Forgtin, which was developed with Protolabs, supports those with tinnitus by limiting its effects by anywhere between 30 and 100 percent.


Mercedes AMG HPP and UCL urgent CPAP device

Lives in the UK are being saved after Protolabs’ rapid tooling service helped ramp up production for a crucial breathing aid used in the fight against COVID-19.


Monn Labs - Evo System

Through the European Cool Idea Award, Protolabs and Moon Labs have combined their skills to create a potentially life-saving monitoring system for hospital patients.


Opus KSD

Massachusetts-based medtech company Opus KSD leverages rapid machining, molding to bring innovative surgical stapler tool to market.



HemoSonics used 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection moulding to quickly develop blood analysis machine


PolarCool PolarCap (R) System P1

Design product agency OIM Sweden, was commissioned to design and develop the PolarCap System to lower the brain temperature in a controlled manner following head trauma. They worked with Protolabs to find the optimal design for the injection moulded housing for the PolarCap System’s cooling unit.


Atlas (Japet)

Protolabs is helping a French start-up to finalise an exoskeleton to combat lumbar pain.


Parker Hannifin

Design analysis paired with quick-turn moulding helped motion and tech leader rapidly accelerate development for exoskeleton


The Lourd'innov Steripass (R) Transfer System

Lourd’innov relied on Protolabs' rapid machining service and were able to offer a finalised prototype very quickly allowing for more scope during design review.


ITL Group

The ToxiMet system, owned by IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group, is used for quantifying very toxic...


Novax DMA

Protolabs was recently called upon to support the creation of a bespoke cranial implant, working closely with the designer to manufacture the implant to a patient’s very specific requirements, within three days.


UVision 360

UVision360 used Protolabs’ stereolithography 3D printing process, featuring its exclusive, micro-resolution MicroFine Green™ thermoset resin, to rapidly prototype parts with ultrafine features. The 3D-printed prototypes helped the firm save on tooling costs while accelerating development speed.


OVR Technology

OVR Technology turns to Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing at Protolabs to evolve VR experiences

Aerospace & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

General Drones

Protolab's supported General Drones with the creation of numerous high-density and low-porosity parts that made up the Auxdron LFG; a purpose-built drone which responds to emergencies at sea.


ISAR Gears

ISAR is only too happy to take on the challenging demand for electric drives in Aerospace Engineering - with expert knowledge and support from Protolabs.


Lockheed Martin

See how aerospace, defense, and technology giant used interactive design analysis to move from 3D-printed prototypes to moulded parts.


Airline Components International (ACI) Ltd.

An Oxfordshire based industrial design company is using the rapid injection moulding services of Protolabs, to help its airline customers minimise the amount of time their aircraft are on the ground for annual maintenance.

Industrial Machining

Canute Rail

Canute Rail worked with Protolabs to design and CNC machine a high precision part for critical track inspection work.



Following development trials by Rotork engineers, a patented, ground breaking solution is proving to be highly effective at preventing valve leakage.


Weinor GmbH & Co. KG

Weinor GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany’s most reputable manufacturers of awnings, patios and conservatories and is best known for being uncompromising when it comes to innovation, quality and aesthetics. Recently, the company used the CNC machining services from Protolabs® to develop parts for its new Zenara series of awnings.


DCO Systems

Start-up DCO systems at the forefront of innovation with their pioneering monitoring solutions for industrial stream users

Electronic Components


Thorlabs reduced the time to market for its new motorised polarisation controller by several months using Protolabs design analysis, prototyping and on demand manufacturing for its outsourced parts


Stream Lion

Stream Lion reimagines modal hammer design by leveraging Multi Jet Fusion to manufacture on-demand production parts.



HP finds speed, materials solutions with rapid injection moulding.



A virtual prop from popular fantasy game Warhammer becomes reality thanks to Luma ID and Protolabs



Innovative electrical supplier Hager launches the Klik range of lighting control systems, major developments were launched with support from Protolabs on-demand manufacturing.



Connecting nature with technology. An ingenious camera kit, designed to get close to nesting birds, which was adopted by a national educational project.


Harris Corporation

Government contractor Harris becomes early adopter of rapid insert molding for testing of circuit boards.



Government contractor Harris becomes early adopter of rapid insert molding for testing of circuit boards.



Nuneaton-based OceanLED, needed a fast and flexible way to produce low cost, high quality components for the firm’s latest state-of-the-art LED lights.


Noise Limit APS

PC cooling fan drive you mad - Protolabs Telford-based rapid prototyping specialist rise to the challenge.


Nanoident Technologies AG

With Protolabs injection moulding services, Nanoident AG has already stolen-a-march on the competition.


Hydro-Logic Ltd

FROG is a new GPRS telemetry logger from Isodaq Technology, a division of Herefordshire-based Hydro-Logic Ltd.


Gratzer Technologies

Artists add sparkle with Swarovski Crystal Applicator created using the CNC Service from Protolabs®. The CNC machined parts from Protolabs have proved to have very suitable mechanical properties.




Consumer Products

T+A elektroakustik

This unique pair of luxury headphones utilises high-end technology, and Protolabs' injection moulding service, to create a stellar audio experience.



Protolabs supports an innovative high café-quality espresso moka pot that can be used at home.



London based Entryphone have developed an entry phone product that perfectly meets the demands of the 21st century. The Entryphone team were keen to get their exciting new product to market as quickly as possible so Protolabs' high-speed low-volume production model provided the support needed.



Ieva leverages all Protolabs services to create a revolutionary piece of smart jewellery.


Comate - Vodka Xau

Protolabs and the Comate design office have combined their skills to finalise the bottle closure system that dresses luxury vodka XAU® .



Vladislav Svetashkov implemented his innovative Cablewings cable winder within no time at all, using Protolabs injection moulding service


PepsiCo R&D

In anticipation of the “Black Panther” movie premiere, PepsiCo developed a limited-edition kit featuring several new technologies and manufacturing processes.



In 2014 2045Tech, an innovative start-up business based in Padova, Italy, won a Protolabs Cool Idea Award to bring its ‘Floome’ initiative to life.



The growing popularity of cycling has led to an increased demand for vehicle bike carriers so people can transport their bikes wherever they go.


EasiChef by AGI Solutions

A new concept in heated kitchen utensils is set to change the way we spread butter and scoop ice cream. The inventors are bringing these innovations to market with help digital manufacturer of prototypes and production parts, Protolabs.


Tervis Tumbler

A covered, plastic wine glass was brought to market swiftly with on-demand manufacturing from Protolabs.


S'up Spoon

This case study reveals how an award-winning idea to help people with shaky hands eat more easily was developed by Glasgow-based 4C Design and quickly brought into cost-effective production by Protolabs’ rapid moulding service.


Karbon Kinetics Ltd.

The world’s lightest production electric two-wheeler produced by British company Karbon Kinetics Ltd. Developed partly using rapid injection moulding


Flame Mountainboards

Machined aluminium joint housings protect mechanical components that help those suffering from lower-limb paralysis walk.


Clement Clarke Communications

Clement Clarke Communications (C3), designer and manufacturer of telecommunications headsets, make its first foray into the high-volume consumer sector.


3D Printed Rhinoceros Skull

Industrial imaging processes and 3D printing are making it possible to bring extinct species to life



A Swiss company has achieved a breakthrough in long-term stress-free examination for horses, with the Piavita Vet System. Protolabs supplies the essential plastic housings.


The Goodsmith Protective Horseshoe

Goodsmith combines barefoot movement with the need for shoeing - plastic parts made by Protolabs.


SBT Aqua

BactoFlow’s sensor works through a system of impedance flow cytometry – which means it uses an electric field to detect bacteria without pre-treating or incubating the water sample.


Zellwerk GmbH

Protolabs Reinforces the War on Cancer


Origin Product Design

Origin Product Design: Product design is the consideration of aesthetics, ergonomics, performance manufacture and assembly.


Highland Biosciences

A shot in the arm for next generation diagnostics


DMG Dental

Protolabs’ rapid injection moulding service have helped to accelerate the time-to market of a new, drill-less dental treatment.


Fleetwood Electronics

Social Distancing Badge Lights the Way for a Safe Return to Work


Salta Lure

World-leading fishing lure innovator brings Protolabs on board for vital product development



Protolabs helps French company with revolutionary winch designs.




The wearable Cleanbrace device provides users with a wearable hygiene solution that also functions as a wearable device.


VSP Optical

Eyewear maker uses rapid injection moulding to accelerate design validation.



Protolabs’ rapid CNC machining provided quick-turn prototyping services that helped Epson enhance the comfort of these lightweight, high-resolution glasses.


Triax Technologies

Triax Technologies creates a waterproof wearable device using Protolabs’ rapid overmolding process.


Whoop Inc.

A wearable IoT fitness tracker was brought to market swiftly with help from Protolabs.




The Shadow Robot Company

A revolutionary type of robotic hand—marketed as the Shadow Dexterous Hand—is transforming the way many sectors use robots.



Protolabs accelerates robotic farming machine, FarmBot, to market with digital manufacturing

Alternative Energy

Samrey Generators and Turbines

Renewable energy is front-page news and sprawling wind farms are now a common sight across the UK, on land and at sea.


Proven Energy

Proven is simultaneously improving build-quality whilst saving both assembly time and also labour costs.


Dog & Bone

Protolabs answers the call for ‘Dog & Bone’ art project


Boxing Hand Grenade

Protolabs’ 3D printing helps Shrewsbury inventor’s new boxing training aid go boom



ICE Product designers needed to make a wrist rest that was strong and lightweight, to support the weight of arms and hands during long bike journeys.


LG Allen Design

When a keen cyclist’s new car didn’t have the right mount system for his bikes, he used his skills as an automotive designer to develop a new product that met his needs – and asked digital manufacturer of prototypes and production parts, Protolabs, to help.

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