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Driving Changes in Automotive Engineering

Automotive manufacturers are facing far greater challenges than ever before, with a global skills shortage in engineering combined with increased demand for customised cars. Thankfully, new technologies can plug the gap and reduce time to market...
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Shortening the Development Cycle in the Aerospace Sector

Posted On 06 June 2018 Stephen Dyson
Safety is the overriding concern in aerospace and space technology - countless test cycles, inspection procedures and certificates are behind every single part of the jigsaw. Although safety requirements are non-negotiable, they come at a cost – they slow down the speed of the product development cycle.
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5 Tips for Saving Time and Money on Your Mould Tool

Posted On 30 May 2018 Saleem Shariff
With product development and manufacturing lead times constantly shortening, what can design engineers do to reduce the time and cost involved with making a mould tool?
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Overmoulding and Insert Moulding—Additional Injection Moulding Functionality

Posted On 23 May 2018 Stephen Dyson
Overmoulding and Insert Moulding—Additional Injection Moulding Functionality
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Augmented Reality Moves from Recreation to Industry

Posted On 16 May 2018 Protolabs
Augmented reality means business as companies like Apple apply the technology to commercial use.
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Hybrid Manufacturing Combines 3D Printing, Machining

Posted On 09 May 2018 Protolabs
3D printing is now combined with CNC machining in a multi-tasking tool system now offered by Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies.
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3D Printing for Microfluidics

Posted On 02 May 2018 Protolabs
The 3D printing process, stereolithography, builds parts with detailed features and smooth surfaces— making it suitable for microfluidic fabrication.
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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership Throughout the Product Life Cycle

Posted On 25 April 2018 Protolabs
See how digital technologies and advanced manufacturing are transforming production, driving a new industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0.
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The Dawn of Digital Manufacturing

Posted On 18 April 2018 Stephen Dyson
How complex software and automated machinery are changing the manufacturing industry forever.
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Apps to Help Keep Your Fitness, Food, and Finance Goals

Posted On 11 April 2018 Protolabs
Whether you’re trying to exercise more, eat healthier, pay off debt, or meet another personal goal, new habits are easy to break and hard to maintain over time. But don’t give up just yet. No matter your goal, there’s an app for that.
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Improving Performance and Cosmetics in 3D-Printed Parts with Secondary Operations

Posted On 04 April 2018 Protolabs
Industrial 3D printing creates functional plastic parts quickly, but often times the parts can benefit from secondary operations that improve on cosmetic appearance and functionality.
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