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STEM Inspired Holiday Activities for Young Engineers

With the holidays fast approaching, here are a few ideas to keep aspiring young engineers entertained during their break from school.
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The UK’s Government’s Industrial Strategy opens with a bold claim...

Posted On 06 December 2018 Bjoern Klass
Its aim, it says, is to boost productivity by backing businesses to create good jobs and increase the earning power of people throughout the UK.
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3 Tips for tackling complex features in moulding design

Posted On 05 December 2018 Saleem Shariff
Designing for plastic injection moulding is like raising teenagers—some parts (and some teens) are more challenging than others. But by following a few simple rules, even the most difficult of these challenges can be overcome (parenting aside).
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Innovative medical device combats lumbar pain

Posted On 28 November 2018 Laura Reeves
Japet Medical Devices is a French start-up specialising in medical robotics, created in 2016 by Antoine Noël and Damien Bratic who had both recently qualified from Centrale Lille University. The company, based in Lille’s Eurasanté park, is preparing to launch Atlas, the first functional rehabilitation exoskeleton designed to relieve lumbar pain.
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3D Printing Micro Features with MicroFine Green

Posted On 19 November 2018 Matt Hatch
To accommodate for a range of part geometries, we offer stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing in three resolutions: normal, high, and micro. Most parts can be built in normal resolution, but for parts with fine features around 0.1mm, high resolution may be required.
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Prototype to Production Series: Part 2

Posted On 07 November 2018 Laura Reeves
Once prototypes have been validated in terms of fit, form, function and aesthetics, development can move to low-volume production. This stage of manufacturing consists of batches of parts that range from 50 to several hundred of several thousands, scheduled to match production needs, providing parts that are delivered to meet fluctuating demand.
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Rapid Prototyping: There’s More Than One Way to Skin a CAD

Posted On 31 October 2018 Stephen Dyson
There's more than one way to validate and test your design. This post examines the benefits of various prototypes and when each is most appropriate.
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Prototype to Production series: Part 1

Posted On 24 October 2018 Stephen Dyson
What should you include in the early stages of the project development process?
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Tired of tangled cables? Problem solved...

Posted On 17 October 2018 Laura Reeves
Vladislav Svetashkov grew tired of the constant tangling of cables marring the fun of using high quality tech products. The wild cables just didn’t quite fit with what are otherwise very stylish components.
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5 ways to increase speed to market

Posted On 10 October 2018 Laura Reeves
In a 21st century market place, every company should be striving to get its products to market faster to maintain its competitive edge. After all, it doesn’t matter how good its innovative, ground breaking products are, competitors are out there snapping at the heels. Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But in the 21st century, it could probably be done a lot quicker.
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Designing with Confidence: 8 ways to leverage low volume injection moulding

Posted On 03 October 2018 Laura Reeves
Using aluminium tooling you can bridge that production gap and make sure that your design is spot on before committing to mass production. It still pays to get the design right so here are our top tips.
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