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How vapour smoothing takes the surface quality of 3D printed parts to the next level

Posted On 07 July 2021 Matt Hatch
How vapour smoothing takes the surface quality of 3D printed parts to the next level
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What's Changing by Service Line: 3D Printing

Posted On 20 October 2020 Matthew Hatch
In this particular article we’ll take a look at the new platform for when uploading parts for 3D printing – Protolabs’ world-leading service for rapid prototypes and functional parts.
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Ultrasint™ TPU01: A new versatile and fast processing material for Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing

Posted On 01 June 2020 Ashlea Hoang
We have expanded our Multi Jet Fusion Service. Ultrasint™ TPU01, a new material, with rubber-like elasticity that is tear and abrasion resistant as well as resistant to grease and oil. This material offers unlimited design possibilities and excellent part accuracy for prototypes and low-volume production parts.
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Polypropylene 3D printing - A new world of prototyping and product design

Posted On 07 October 2019 Matt Hatch
3D printed parts can now be made in polypropylene, opening up a world of design and testing.
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3DPI Awards - Winning Design

Posted On 04 July 2019 Kimmy Forshaw
We wanted to mention how proud we were to once again partner with the 3D Printing Industry to hold the trophy design competition for 2019.
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Grand Designs

Posted On 10 April 2019 Matt Hatch
Design is in our blood and one of the reasons why we are delighted to be a Medical Applications finalist in the 3D Printing Industry Awards
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Making the Impossible Possible – Copper 3D Printing

Posted On 03 April 2019 Matt Hatch
Until recently if wanted copper parts, your best option to get the part designed and produced quickly was CNC machining...
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We love inventors – and inventions – here at Protolabs

Posted On 18 March 2019 Matt Hatch
Every year, more than 12 million people visit their physicians for impacted earwax removal. Now, this new ear-care medical device has been developed, with help from Protolabs’ Cool Idea Award, which can clean a patient’s ear in just 35 seconds, bringing a much-needed—and fast—solution.
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Protolabs: Secondary Services

Posted On 12 February 2019 Matt Hatch
Secondary services may be required to meet the process control, functional or cosmetic (typically branding or labelling) needs for a specific project. The necessity of these additional services are determined by that specific need.
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Inconel 718: A superalloy with enduring relevance

Posted On 21 January 2019 Matt Hatch
Metal 3D printing has brought Inconel, the classic nickel-based heat resistant alloy, well and truly into the 21st century
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