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Welcome to Your All New Digital Manufacturing Platform

Welcome to Your All New Digital Manufacturing Platform

Posted On 02 November 2020 By Matt Hatch
When we launched more than 20 years ago, our digital manufacturing model was revolutionary. But it’s been necessary to continuously evolve ever since – by expanding our manufacturing services and enhancing our capabilities way beyond the original prototyping service. Many of the customers we serve have grown along with us, so expectation is being continuously elevated.
Driving Changes in Automotive Engineering

Driving Changes in Automotive Engineering

Posted On 06 February 2019 By Stephen Dyson
Automotive manufacturers are facing far greater challenges than ever before, with a global skills shortage in engineering combined with increased demand for customised cars. Thankfully, new technologies can plug the gap and reduce time to market...
Shortening the Development Cycle in the Aerospace Sector

Shortening the Development Cycle in the Aerospace Sector

Posted On 16 January 2019 By Stephen Dyson
Safety is the overriding concern in aerospace and space technology - countless test cycles, inspection procedures and certificates are behind every single part of the jigsaw. Although safety requirements are non-negotiable, they come at a cost – they slow down the speed of the product development cycle.
Protolabs ISO certified

Why Your Parts Supplier Should be ISO 9001 Certified

Posted On 19 September 2018 By Stephen Dyson
Protolabs' quality system starts when a customer uploads a part file and runs through the entire manufacturing process and into shipping.
Industry 4.0: Automated Connectivity

Industry 4.0: Automated Connectivity

Posted On 22 August 2018 By Stephen Dyson
Industry 4.0 is considered the future. How can manufacturers unlock the opportunities it offers?
Protolabs' 3D Printed FUTURO House

The Futuro House... in Space

Posted On 10 August 2018 By Laura Reeves
Protolabs send a 3D Printed replcia of Matti Suuronen's Futuro house into the stratosphere
Digital manufacturing

The Dawn of Digital Manufacturing

Posted On 18 April 2018 By Stephen Dyson
How complex software and automated machinery are changing the manufacturing industry forever.