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STEM Inspired Holiday Activities for Young Engineers

Posted On 12 December 2018 Laura Reeves
With the holidays fast approaching, here are a few ideas to keep aspiring engineers entertained.
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Augmented Reality Moves from Recreation to Industry

Posted On 16 May 2018 Protolabs
Augmented reality means business as companies like Apple apply the technology to commercial use.
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3D Printing for Microfluidics

Posted On 02 May 2018 Protolabs
The 3D printing process, stereolithography, builds parts with detailed features and smooth surfaces— making it suitable for microfluidic fabrication.
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Improving Performance and Cosmetics in 3D-Printed Parts with Secondary Operations

Posted On 04 April 2018 Protolabs
Industrial 3D printing creates functional plastic parts quickly, but often times the parts can benefit from secondary operations that improve on cosmetic appearance and functionality.
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