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Consultative Design Analysis

Consultative Design Analysis Prepares Parts for Production

Posted On 05 July 2022 By Nicole Hopper
Our new consultative design service addresses design feedback and gets your parts ready for manufacturability within our automated system.
Injection moulded part

Injection moulding – What are the advantages?

Posted On 07 January 2022 By Matthew Hatch
Injection moulding has a number of advantages. It is a cost effective, highly repeatable way of producing plastic parts with high precision. Once set up, it can produce a huge amount of parts per hour from a wide range of different plastics plus other materials such as liquid silicone rubber.
part marking

Part Marking using Pad Printing and Laser Engraving

Posted On 03 August 2021 By Protolabs
A common finishing option for companies is to mark parts using pad printing or laser engraving.
Threaded Inserts with Heat Staking and Ultrasonic Welding

Threaded Inserts with Heat Staking and Ultrasonic Welding

Posted On 03 August 2021 By Protolabs
Get threaded inserts on injection-moulded parts for added durability and to connect multiple components together.
What's Changing by Service Line: Injection Moulding

What's Changing by Service Line: Injection moulding

Posted On 20 October 2020 By Matthew Hatch
In this particular article we’ll take a look at the new platform for when uploading parts for injection moulding – Protolabs’ world-leading service for rapid prototypes and end-use production parts.
Delrin part examples

Delrin Material Properties Offer Strong, Versatile Plastic Alternative to Metal

Posted On 28 January 2020 By Protolabs
Consider Delrin as an excellent plastic replacement for metal because of its strength, versatility.
50th anniversary of moon landing

A 'Cool Idea' That's Beyond The Moon

Posted On 17 July 2019 By Matt Hatch
Exactly 50 years ago this month, all eyes were set on the moon as Neil Armstrong took that momentous small step. But these days humans dream of walking and even living on Mars.
Mould being milled

5 Tips for Saving Time and Money on Your Mould Tool

Posted On 20 February 2019 By Saleem Shariff
With product development and manufacturing lead times constantly shortening, what can design engineers do to reduce the time and cost involved with making a mould tool?
Painting and finishing Protolabs

Protolabs: Secondary Services

Posted On 12 February 2019 By Matt Hatch
Secondary services may be required to meet the process control, functional or cosmetic (typically branding or labelling) needs for a specific project. The necessity of these additional services are determined by that specific need.
Production at protolabs

The UK’s Government’s Industrial Strategy opens with a bold claim...

Posted On 06 December 2018 By Bjoern Klass
Its aim, it says, is to boost productivity by backing businesses to create good jobs and increase the earning power of people throughout the UK.