Case Studies

See how innovative companies are using rapid manufacturing to solve complex development challenges and launch successful products to market fast.


Design product agency OIM Sweden, was commissioned to design and develop the PolarCap System to lower the brain temperature in a controlled manner following head trauma. They worked with Protolabs to find the optimal design for the injection moulded housing for the PolarCap System’s cooling unit.
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From an idea to a patented product thanks to Protolabs
An Idea Transformed into a Device Protecting Those in Offices, Schools and Factories
A Vital Medical Device Quickly Made Market-ready with the Support of Protolabs
Protolabs Rapidly Machines 'Phase A' Validation Parts for Vacuum Casting
Cleanbrace: Hygiene Innovation on Your Wrist, with the Support of Protolabs
Protolabs helps take coffee to new heights
Protolabs’ combined prototyping and production solution saves months of product development for Thorlabs
Boxing Hand Grenade
Protolabs’ 3D printing helps Shrewsbury inventor’s new boxing training aid go boom
2Stroke Stuffing
Protolabs supports effort to break speed record
Canute Rail
Protolabs supports the development of critical safety equipment
Protolabs’ automated tools speed up iterative development for vital medical cooling unit
Dog & Bone
Protolabs answers the call for ‘Dog & Bone’ art project
Entryphone used injection moulding to quickly get their new product to market.
Smart Jewellery developed using 3D Printing, CNC Machining and Injection Moulding
Mercedes-AMG HPP and UCL urgent CPAP device
Lives in the UK are being saved after Protolabs’ rapid tooling service helped ramp up production for a crucial breathing aid used in the fight against COVID-19.
Moon Labs - Evo System
Helping a Life Saving Idea Become Real
Comate - Vodka Xau
A drop of technology adds sophistication to an exceptional vodka
3D Printed Rhinoceros Skull
State-Of-The-Art Technologies Provide Researchers With New Insights
VSP Optical
Eyewear maker uses rapid injection moulding to accelerate design validation in fitness tracker
Opus KSD
An innovative new surgical tool from Opus KSD closes incisions with subcutaneous, bio-absorbable fasteners.
HemoSonics used 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection moulding to quickly develop blood analysis machine
A Front Seat on Driving Innovation
TRW Automotive’s clock spring components take advantage of injection moulding at Protolabs
Falmouth based ICE, develops wrist rest and gets the product to market quickly with the help of Protolabs
Exoskeleton to combat lumbar pain.