Design Aids

Learn about the design elements, materials, and surface finishes of injection-moulded parts by registering for our free design aids.

Design Cube

One of the best ways to learn about our injection moulding process is to have an actual plastic part in your hands to explore. That’s why we created the Design Cube, which shows part features that are too thin or too thick, bad bosses, right and wrong ribs, and other considerations to be mindful of while designing parts for injection moulding.

Resin Puzzle

The Resin Puzzle includes real samples of nine widely-used resins that cover a broad range of applications. Register today to receive your free Resin Puzzle. Assembly, however, is required (and good luck with that)

Demo Mould

This design aid shows the mechanics of how the A-Side and B-Side of a tool work together during the injection moulding process to create plastic parts. The Demo Mould demonstrates the functionality of side-actions, sprues and runners, ejector pins and plates, and the relationship between core and cavity. It helps those new to injection moulding easily visualise the process and is a great teaching device for educators


The Torus is filled with complexities: bayonets, text on ribs, gears, bump-offs, clip cams, and more. We created this design aid to illustrate that intricate part features can still be achieved through rapid manufacturing processes. The Torus has a trio of interconnected sections, each highlighting features that serve various purposes in part design.



Design Essentials - Injection Moulding

We've compiled our most essential injection moulding manufacturing tips into a downloadable design guide. Looking at improving manufacturability, reducing production costs through design, material selection, and more. 


Digital Manufacturing for Dummies

Our comprehensive book is an essential guide to the major advanced technologies that are frequently used in digital manufacturing. Compare processes, explore material options and find out how digital manufacturing can fit into every stage of the product life cycle.


3D Printing Material Selector 

Our pocket-sized Material Selector is a quick reference guide to help you identify the right thermoplastic-like and metal materials for your project. It lists specific measurements like resolution, tensile strength, hardness and more...