Engineering Materials Live

May 11th, 2017 - National Motorcycle Museum

The UK is renowned for world-leading engineering design and innovation. At the heart of every product or design is the need to select appropriate materials and forming methods, which means working with partners that have the right materials engineering expertise and applications knowledge early in the process.

So Engineering Materials Live has been created to help design engineers and UK manufacturers do this. Organised by MA Business, publishers of Engineering Materials, Eureka! and FAST magazines amongst more, this brand new event meets the needs of UK engineering professionals who are tasked with sourcing and specifying plastic mouldings, composites, prototyped parts and advanced engineering materials – one of the fastest moving sectors in manufacturing.

Exhibition opens at 08:30am
Exhibition closes at 2:30pm

Why visit?

  • Solve materials engineering challenges in design and production
  • Discover ideas and solutions in lightweighting, materials selection, metal replacement, glass replacement, reinforced materials, structural materials, sustainable materials, multi-material joining and more
  • Learn how to best apply new techniques and technologies in the free practical seminars and workshops
  • Meet some of the most experienced and knowledgeable leading suppliers
  • The unique ‘Roadshow’ format provides answers for busy people who want to get in, get round, get answers/solutions and get back to work with the minimum of time and fuss. Just a morning or afternoon is all you need.
  • Your time here won’t just save project or production time and money – it can also open up new and rewarding opportunities that you may not otherwise have considered!
  • Bring samples or drawings for expert appraisal and discussion there and then
  • Free parking right outside the event, a free breakfast roll and tea/coffee on arrival and a free pass to see the Motorcycle Museum collection.

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