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Our Insight video series will help you master digital manufacturing.

Every Friday we’ll post a new video – each one giving you a deeper Insight into how to design better parts. We’ll cover specific topics such as choosing the right 3D printing material, optimising your design for CNC machining, surface finishes for moulded parts, and much more besides.

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Insight: Choosing A Manufacturing Source


This can be one of the most important decisions you make on a project, and can easily make the difference between glowing success and not-so-glowing failure. You’ll need to be certain the option you pick fits your needs exactly, whether you want someone to handle your project as a one-off or plan to develop a long-term production relationship with them.

Insight: Bridging The Gap Between Prototyping And Production

Speed to market is key in most businesses. When prototyping a new product, you want to ensure you make it to market before your competitor. This video looks at the concept of bridge tooling and how it can support you in your transition from prototyping to production.

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Insight: Customisation


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Insight: Industry 4.0 Part 2

In a series looking at Industry 4.0, this Insight video explores how companies are embracing change. It also looks at the ‘smart factory’, examining what smart factories look like today and what they may look like tomorrow.

Insight: Industry 4.0 Part 1

In a two-part series of Insight videos we look closely at Industry 4.0 starting with a brief history lesson about the previous industrial revolutions. We then examine the ‘digital shakeup’ we’re in today, touching on what it means for consumers as well as for manufacturers, with information being key.




Insight: Automotive Part 2

In a series exploring how modern production technology can reduce component weight in the automotive industry, this Insight video looks at the different industrial 3D printing technologies out there that can support in this respect, including stereolithography, selective laser sintering and direct metal laser sintering.

Insight: Automotive Part 1

In a two-part series we explore how modern product technology can reduce component weight in the automotive industry. In part 1 we take a deeper look at material selection covering the seven most common and useful plastics out there.

Insight: Stereolithography Material Selection

A form of 3D printing, Stereolithography is an excellent choice for rapid prototyping and project designs that require the production of very accurate and finely detailed parts. It also offers a broad range of different materials with a range of tensile strengths, flexibility and elongation to break point. In this video we explore the strengths and weakness of these materials, covering thermoplastics, ABS-like, PC-like, Advanc and MicroFineTM Green and Grey.


Insight: 3D Printing in Medicine

In today’s Insight video we look at how 3D printing is impacting medicine and the medical industry. We begin with a recap of the technology and then take a deeper look into how 3D printing can be used for implants, medical devices and custom-made products, finishing with an outlook to what the future could hold for 3D printing in this field.

Insight: On-Demand Manufacturing

On-demand manufacturing can help you at different times of your product lifecycle and with mass customisation. In this video, we explore how injection moulding fits into this mix, looking at controlling your supply of products, the manufacturing technology, mass customisation and the overall benefits.

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