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Rapid injection moulding works best for on-demand production, bridge tooling, pilot runs, and functional prototyping. Our affordable aluminium moulds and quick turnaround times help reduce design risks and limit overall production costs.
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Plastic Injection Moulding

the plastic injection moulding process

Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process where resin in a barrel is heated to a molten state, then shot into a mould to form a final production-grade thermoplastic part.


Liquid Silicone Rubber Moulding

the liquid silicone rubber moulding process

Liquid silicone rubber moulding is a thermoset process that mixes a two-component compound together, which is then heat cured in the mould with a platinum catalyst to produce a final LSR part.


Overmoulding & Insert Moulding

the overmoulding process

Overmoulding and insert moulding are two-part injection moulding processes where one material is overlaid onto a second substrate part or metal insert to create a single multi-material component.


What is Injection Moulding?

Rapid injection moulding works by injecting thermoplastic
resins into a mould, just as in production injection moulding.
What makes the process “rapid” is the technology used
to produce the mould, which is often made from aluminium
instead of the traditional steel used in production moulds.

Inside Rapid Injection Moulding

Take a trip through our production floor to see rapid
injection moulding at work.

Thermoplastic and LSR Materials

We stock more than 100 different thermoplastic resins and liquid silicone rubber materials that are suitable for various part applications and industries. Customer-supplied materials are also accepted.


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