Injection Moulding Tool Options for Plastic Parts

Choose from two moulding options tailored to your manufacturing needs

Injection moulding can provide a range of lifetime part volumes—from as few as 10 to more than 10 million. We're a low-volume manufacturer, typically producing 10 to 10,000+ parts from aluminium moulds. We provide two injection moulding service options. One is best suited for those who need smaller part quantities often associated with prototyping and the other a good fit for those who require larger part quantities common in low-volume production.

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25 parts to 10,000+ parts

Shipped in 1 to 15 days

Prototyping or On-demand Manufacturing?

While the moulds themselves are similar, part quantities, lifetime maintenance, quality documentation, and pricing vary depending on which service option is chosen. The right one depends on your project needs.

OBJECTIVE I need to validate my design I need the flexibility of on-demand production of end-use parts
  • Lifetime volumes are likely below 2,000 parts
  • An affordable entry point for tooling is important
  • Lifetime volumes exceed 2,000 parts
  • Lower part price is critical
  • Part production is needed for several years
MOULD PRICE Lower Higher
PART PRICE Higher Lower
MOULD CAVITIES Single Single and multi-cavity
GUARANTEED MOULD LIFE Limited (guaranteed for at least 2,000 shots) Unlimited
MOULD STORAGE Stored for 18 months of inactivity Stored for 3 years of inactivity
MOULD OWNERSHIP Upon request Yes
QUALITY DOCUMENTATION Basic inspection reports available upon request Moulding process development report and basic inspection reports included as standard; enhanced reports available on request
SHARED FEATURES Aluminium moulds
Standard lead time of 15 days or less
Tolerances of +/-0.08mm plus resin tolerance (mm./mm.)
Set-up fees apply to each production run 

Why Rapid Prototyping?

  • Reduce design risks
  • Test multiple designs simultaneously
  • Accelerate speed to market


Why On-Demand Manufacturing?

  • Manage demand volatility
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Leverage cost-efficient bridge tooling


Not sure which service is right? Take a complete look at the service options above or get quotes for both to compare. You can also call your account representative at +44 (0) 1952 683047 to further discuss.


On-demand Injection Moulding – Critical to Quality (CTQ)



Our on-demand injection moulding includes Critical to Quality (CTQ) inspection and measurement without affecting the rapid dispatch times that you have come to expect from us.

It means that you can have quality assured parts, complete with a First Article Inspection (FAI) report and a CTQ capability report, shipped in as little as one day.  This is something that normally takes days or even weeks of extra time from other suppliers.

This will help keep you ahead of the competition in the race to get your product to market.


How it works

All you need to do is send us your 3D CAD model and identify which features are critical to quality and measuring for verification as detailed below:

  1. Send us a drawing of your model
  2. Use up to 5 red circles to highlight critical features
  3. Use blue circles to indicate features for reference only


Review your Inspection Statement of Work

Our engineering team will then review your model and email you an Inspection Statement of Work (ISOW), which lets you know if there are any tolerance or mouldability issues with any of the features that you have circled in red.

If we can meet these specifications for the red circled features, then the manufacturing process will continue as normal and you can expect your delivery to meet the schedule that you have set.  In the unlikely event that there are any issues with meeting your defined tolerances, then we will contact you and discuss what options are available.

We will also measure and record those features highlighted with a blue circle, but we will still deliver the parts without requiring approval if these tolerances cannot be met.


Final Parts Report

As soon as we have finished the moulding process development, we will inspect the first three shots from the tool using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and provide you with a FAI report.

We will then inspect another 30 parts taken at equal intervals from the production run and produce the CTQ capability report.


Key benefits of our CTQ service

Advantages of using this CTQ service

  • In process quality feedback at the press with no impact on lead time
  • Reduction in cost and time by eliminating in-house metrology
  • You get a dimensional report to validate samples
  • Critical design and material performance lessons for current and future iterations
  • Improved part accuracy and adherence to your specified critical dimensions.

If you want faster quality assured injection moulded parts then put us to the test now.

Enhanced Quality with Digital Inspections

Digital inspection reports on moulded parts are available on every on-demand manufacturing order. Our metrology lab uses a 360-degree, 12-position 3D scanner that collects data, identifies dimensional variance, and creates a visual aid and color map for a direct CAD-to-scan comparison.