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Aluminium Anodising

Whether you want to protect your aluminium part from a harsh environment or for it to have a decorative finish, then anodising could be the answer you are looking for.

If you use us for producing your on demand or prototype aluminium parts, then why go to the trouble of sourcing a separate supplier?  We can take care of your project from initial design to the final finished part.

Through us your finished and protected part will be delivered in a matter of days – and you’ll have a single point of contact throughout.  Our technical team will advise you from your initial design right through to final delivery, so that you can rest easy that your job is in safe hands.

The process

The process applies a thin oxide layer to the part, which creates a protective barrier against corrosion and abrasion.  It is ideal if your part will be subjected to a harsh working environment or if you simply want a more aesthetic finish. We use ISO 7599 Decorative and ISO 10074 hard anodising. The latter is the most durable anodising finish available on machined aluminium parts.

Our service provides:

  • Flexible solutions across multiple geometries
  • A single source partner to get finished parts shipped in days

We use a sulphuric acid anodising process, which is the most common available in the UK. It enables us to offer a wide range of oxide layer thicknesses according to the degree of protection that your part requires. All of the anodised parts are sealed as part of the standard process, unless they are to be painted in which case you should discuss your requirements with one of our project engineers.

Which alloys are best?

The best aluminium alloy to use really depends on the end use of the component.  The most common alloys that are anodised are 6XXX grades. We offer 6082, 7075 and 2024. 

Generally, 6082 is suitable for most applications. It provides a good oxide coating during the process to give excellent corrosion resistance to the final part.

Both 7075 and 2024 have unique properties that need special process conditions, so you will need to let us know if either of these is your preferred option.

One Stop Source

For complete peace of mind that your part is in good hands, from initial design right through to its finishing, give us a call on +44(0) 1952 683047.

To find out more about specifying aluminium anodising and what questions to ask take a look at our blog “A Tough Part”.

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