Pad Printing


Benefits of Pad Printing

  • Permanent marking suitable for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Can print on a wide variety of surfaces and finishes
  • Cost effective production (no need to apply separate labels)
  • Fast prototyping
  • Low to high volume
  • Single to full colour production

Industrial Pad Printing is a printing process that transfers a 2D image onto a 3D object by using a silicone pad to transfer the image onto virtually any shaped surface.
From a simple single colour digit on a medical instrument, through to a 4-colour image on a consumer electronics housing.

Due to the silicone pad having unique properties, it is able to pick up the image from a flat surface and transfer it on to a variety of surfaces including: flat spherical, cylindrical, textured, concave and convex

  • Typical lead times of 7+ business days

Materials that can be pad printed

  • Plastics and Metals

Note: We will advise if some materials are not suitable for pad printing


Note: We are continuously expanding our capabilities. If you have specific questions around these capabilities, please contact your account representative at 01952 683522

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